Welcome to Woodbury Leadership Academy!

Woodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) is a nonprofit charter school located in Woodbury, Minnesota. Our learning environment and school community promotes academic achievement for students in grades K-8, as well as personal integrity, equity and a dedication to value and serve others. 

Our school is committed to our students' long term success. We use inquiry based learning while building strong skills in math, reading, writing, history, science and technology - all of the essential areas of learning. We also have a strong character education program to ensure students develop exceptional leadership skills. The character education program includes service learning projects and a focus of five core virtues - respect, responsibility, perseverance, gratitude and humanity.

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Our Mission

 Woodbury Leadership Academy utilizes leadership based programs and strategies grounded in solid research, combined with the demonstrated success of Core Knowledge curriculum as the basis of a rigorous program that builds strong skills in math, reading, literature, writing, music, science and technology.

Our Vision

Woodbury Leadership Academy is a school where students and graduates become exceptional leaders, and are prepared to take on the academic and leadership challenges they will face as they transition into high school.