Welcome to Woodbury Leadership Academy!

35058215_2004064216477923_4446918492993617920_n (1).jpgWoodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) is a tuition-free charter elementary and middle school serving approximately 400 students. 

Our primary goal is to work in partnership with families from Woodbury and the surrounding communities who wish to participate as full partners in the education of their children in a rigorous educational environment that fosters student success. WLA ensures academic success through rigorous curriculum standards, while setting high expectations for students.

WLA uses inquiry-based learning while building strong skills in math, reading, literature, writing, music, science, physical education, Spanish, art & technology – all of the essential areas of learning. We will also implement a strong character education program to ensure students develop exceptional leadership skills and are well rounded in all areas, social and academic, and prepared for high school and beyond.

WLA is to be a school where students and graduates receive exceptional leadership skills, and are prepared to take on the challenges they will face as they transition into high school. The mission of WLA is to utilize Core Knowledge curriculum to provide an educational program that is academically rigorous, based on solid research, and demonstrated success. In addition to the Core Knowledge Curriculum, we utilize Saxon and Singapore Math, and a character education program to build leadership skills throughout the school. The commitment of WLA is to deliver the curriculum with passion via dedicated teachers who will work in partnership with families to ensure the ultimate success of every student. WLA graduates will enter high school academically and socially prepared with exceptional leadership skills that will ensure their success in high school and beyond.

It is the goal of WLA to provide all students a standards-based education, dedicated to the mastery of a broad-base of knowledge and the development of a rich vocabulary, full literacy and mathematics skills. WLA is built on the Core Knowledge Sequence. This curriculum exceeds Minnesota State Academic Standards for K-8. The Core Knowledge Sequence is currently being used successfully in schools throughout the United States to empower students to excel, and with great success and proven results!

The vision of WLA is to be a school where students receive exceptional Core Knowledge curriculum coupled with leadership skills, and therefore prepared to take on the challenges they will face as they transition into high school. The goal of this vision is to empower every student to be upstanding citizens and to develop the leadership skills necessary to prepare them to be their very best.