A Building Company (ABC)


Ben Broderick- President 

  • ABC President
  • Working with WLA Since 2019
  • Assistant Principal
  • Technology Coordinator
  • ICT member

Hello my name is Ben Broderick and this is my second year working at WLA. I am excited to see that WLA is growing while still maintaining high academic and behavioral expectations. I look forward to my work with the ABC team as we continue to enhance student experience at WLA.

Diane Thiegs- Secretary

  • ABC- Secretary
  • Working with WLA Since 2015
  • WLA PTO President 
  • Facilities Committee 
  • Design Team 

My husband and I have 2 children who attend WLA and each of them started in kindergarten. I am passionate about connecting the students, parents and staff at WLA in positive ways and am here to help the school grow and succeed. WLA is a special place that I feel lucky to be a part of! We love so much about WLA, but we especially appreciate the top notch academics, teachers, families, curriculum, and learning spaces!

Ashley Barthel- Treasurer    

  • ABC Treasurer
  • Working with WLA Since 2014
  • Classroom Teacher 
  • Curriculum Team member 

Hello! My name is Ashley Barthel and I am a kindergarten teacher at WLA. Along with all of the responsibilities that come with teaching I am also a member of the curriculum committee. I have helped research and implement Core Knowledge over the years, as well as our new math curriculum this year. I am a founding teacher at WLA and am looking forward to helping our school in another capacity by serving on the ABC committee.