General Information & Resources for Families

(1) Where does Woodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) post weather emergency information?

In the case of a school closure due to weather emergencies information will be posted on KARE11, WCCO, KSTP, and Fox 9.  We will also post on our official Facebook page and school website if there are any cancellations. For weather safety at home, please see:

(2) What are the hours at WLA?

9:20 AM to 3:50PM. We also offer a before and after school child care program through the YMCA for grades K-5.

(3) Where is WLA located?

Woodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) is located at 8089 Globe Dr., Woodbury MN 55125.

(4) What transportation is available?

Busing Information:

Bussing is available for students who live in school district boundaries of ISD 833, ISD 622 and the Woodbury city limits. For more information, please contact the main school office at 651-571-2100. Students who reside outside these boundaries must find their own way to school.

To track the bus, use the Versatrans My Stop Mobile App. Available for Apple and Android users. Click HERE for further instructions on using the app.

Car Drop Off and Pick-Up Information:

Dropping off or picking up your child(ren) is always an option. Please follow the instructions by clicking HERE. It's very important to follow our specific instructions to ensure safety for all our school and community members. This will also ensure a nice and smooth flow.

(5) Does WLA provide lunch services?

No, WLA does not participate in the national lunch program. However, WLA does sell milk during lunch. Milk is sold at a cost of $5.00 for 10 tickets. Milk can be prepaid in the office. Milk options are:

  • 1% White Milk
  • Skim Chocolate milk

(6) Does Woodbury Leadership Academy participate in statewide and national assessments?

Yes, Woodbury Leadership Academy (WLA) participates in statewide and national assessments. 

Statewide (MCA)

Minnesota values its educational system and the professionalism of its educators. Minnesota educators created the academic standards, which are rigorous and prepare our students for career and college. The statewide assessments are how Minnesota measures that curriculum and daily instruction in our schools are being aligned to the academics standards, ensuring all students are being provided an equitable education. Statewide assessment results are just one tool to monitor that we are providing our students with the education that will ensure a strong workforce and knowledgeable citizens. 

(1) Minnesota Comprehension Assessments (MCA): Based on Minnesota Academic Standards; given annually in grades 3-8 and high school in reading and mathematics; given annually in grades 5, 8 and high school for science. To opt out of statewide assessments, the parent/guardian must complete THIS form and return to WLA by March 25, 2022. Form can be submitted in person to front office or electronically to

(2) Minnesota Test of Academic Skills (MTAS): Is an option for students with the most significant cognitive disabilities.

(3) ACCESS: Based on the WIDA English Language Development Standards; given annually to English learners in grades K-12 in reading, writing, listening and speaking.

Click HERE to view our District Test Security Procedure.

National (NWEA MAP)

At Woodbury Leadership Academy, we are committed to providing our students with personalized learning experiences. To best achieve this, we regularly assess students’ growth. Various classroom and standardized assessments aid teachers in providing for individual instructional needs and identifying trends. We strive to consider the whole picture when serving our students. Having multiple types of assessments helps provide a fuller picture of each student's needs.

To opt out of national assessments, the parent/guardian must complete THIS form and return to WLA. The schedule for NWEA MAP can be found on our school calendar. 

Do you have questions about our WLA Kindergarten programming?

Click HERE to view our Q&A kindergarten presentation sheet.