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Core Knowledge

WLA’s academic philosophy is based upon The Core Knowledge Sequence developed by The Core Knowledge Foundation. The Core Knowledge Sequence is defined as “a detailed outline of specific content and skills to be taught in language arts, history, geography, mathematics, science, and the fine arts. As the core of a school’s curriculum, it provides a coherent, content specific foundation of learning, while allowing flexibility to meet local needs.”

The Core Knowledge Sequence is the result of research into the content and structure of the highest performing elementary school systems around the world, as well as extensive consensus building among diverse groups and interests, including parents, teachers, scientists, professional curriculum organizations, and experts from The Core Knowledge Advisory Board on Multicultural Traditions.

The Core Knowledge Sequence is recognized as an effective whole-school model, being one of the 33 whole-school models recognized by the U.S. Education Department as high-quality and determined to be effective through research. 

Why has Woodbury Leadership Academy chosen Core Knowledge Curriculum for our school?

It’s simple: Knowledge builds on knowledge. Children create understanding by building on what they already know. They learn best when they are offered an engaging, challenging and content-rich curriculum that builds and grows from year to year. Core Knowledge curriculum provides a coherent plan for teaching language, arts, literature, math, science, history, geography, music and the visual arts. As the heart of a school’s curriculum, the Core Knowledge Sequence provides a solid foundation for learning that promotes academic excellence for all learners, while remaining flexible enough to meet state and local standards.

The integrated approach of Core Knowledge supplies our students with broad, subject-rich knowledge in history, geography, science, literature, and the arts so they become better readers and better overall students.

By integrating the concepts across subjects students can create connections and see the rich and varied perspectives provided by each discipline. The diagram below is helpful to visually see how Core Knowledge integrates across subjects and helps students to more intuitively make connections. 

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Sample Lesson from Grade 3:

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